IoT Development

Connect digital solutions with the physical world. Enabling to unlock the business value of connected Device

IoT Prototype Design Device

We design the IoT Prototype hardware Device based on customer needs. It can be sensor, Microcontroller MCU, gateway etc

IoT Design & Printed PCB

We design PCB based on on Customer needs and we select the industrial electronic component to ensure the hardware quality and to match with the customer budget.


We develop the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) as per customer requested. We apply the quality control on the PCBA to ensure that all components are assembled properly

IoT Firmware Development

We develop the firmware based on the user requirement function and we inject to the IoT Hardware Device. 

IoT Prototype Testing

After PCBA & Injecting Firmware, we need to do the Prototype testing to ensure all user requirement functions are all working fine.

IoT Enclosure Design 3D Printing

Due to some special customer request, sometime IoT Hardware Device need special enclosure to fulfill the requirement. Therefore we design the specific Enclosure and print into 3D Printing model

Enclosure 3D Printing

Special IoT Enclosure Design & Printing 3D

3D Design

We make the 3D Design for special IoT Enclosure

3D Printing Design

We print the specific 3D Design Enclosure

3D Printing Enclosure

The Final 3D Printing Enclosure

IoT Application Development

IoT Application

We Develop an IoT Application on IoT Platform in several business industries fields, from Public services, private sector or industrial sectors .

The IoT Application will be based on customer requirement. It can be for any IoT application such as smart home, smart energy, smart health etc

IoT Dashboard Application

The Dashboard we create based on user needs. It can be used for Monitoring an Controlling Asset or Device. The Dashboard will help customer not only monitoring or controlling but also can be used as analytic for user to help making correct decision. With the dashboard can give possibility user to see information from the top till the bottom level.

IoT Mobile Application

To make easier for customer, all IoT Dashboard can be accessed through Mobile apps. We develop based on customer request

IoT Platform 

We provide IoT Platform development, but we also provide the readiness existing IoT Platform and supporting in cloud such as Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure etc

IoT Connectivity & Networks

We support all IoT Development  with several IoT Connectivities such as GSM,LTE, NB IOT, LORA, WIFI, ZIGBEE, ETHERNET, BLUETOOTH, RS232, RS485 etc

Teknologi IoT Indonesia